REJECTION: ‘‘How I got an appointment with the fmr. Managing Director of LAWMA after so many NO(s)’’.

My short rejection story goes thus📌

It’s the evening of a Saturday, and so, I logged into my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) portal page, as it’s been my culture for a week now. I was feeling slightly indifferent at that moment; I just hoped the Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) letter would have at least been uploaded. It took quite a while accessing the page, but alas! the letter was already there. I opened the PDF file with trembling hands, my breath seizing for a while, I saw UAC Foods. The relief I felt was out of this world, and I just couldn’t wait to be accepted as a serving corper—such a breakthrough.

I stepped out of my apartment on a Monday morning with great joy in my heart while at the same time hoping that the favour of God works for me as I journeyed to UAC Foods PLC. The following ensured on getting to UAC Foods PLC:
‘Good Morning Ma’’ I said to the receptionist, who i met at the waiting room, with a smile on my face.
‘‘Good Morning’’ She replied
‘‘How may I help you?’’
I explained the purpose to which I came, and I was told to wait for the Human Resource Manager.

On meeting the personal assistant (P.A) to the HRM, I was told the company was not in dire need of a corper in the Laboratory department of the company. I was dejected. I’m certain she felt my anguish, so, she suggested I take up an admin role. I agreed to her proposal, so, she took my PPA letter to the HRM for acceptance while I waited, and hoped it would click.

Unfortunately for me, the HRM wasn’t pleased with my course of study, instead she signed the rejection letter. In my mind i thought ‘‘Okay, this didn’t work out—We move.’’ I left the company frustrated, but the search for a place of primary assignment for the one-year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) continued.


It is absolutely normal to experience rejection. It’s safe to presume that there is no human, who has achieved greatness on earth, that has not been rejected—at some point in their life. Even Jesus Christ was not accepted as the messiah by everyone; He still faced some opposition.

Rejection can be experienced across different facets of life. It could come from a friend, family, or a love interest. It could occur in the business world: Banks are known to usually not give out loans to entrepreneurs, or imagine your business proposal being disapproved by potential sponsors. In my case, I was rejected by a potential employer.

Experiencing rejection in multiple forms can be very hurtful; The emotional pain runs deep especially those rejections that really hit hard. At some point, you begin to feel less confident about your self-worth, and esteem. The individual starts nurturing doubts. Eventually the undeserving feeling, of that which he/she desired to have but was rejected for, grows deeper. It’s like your supposedly ‘perfect world’ is turning upside down, and all you want to do is just give up everything. Anger is set on a replay motion; Everything irks you, and you can’t just give a reasonable reason to support your actions. The inevitable takes place in the long run—depression. The end could be fatal, if this negative progression is allowed to yield fruits.

As hurtful as rejection can be, there is a growth level you attain which tends to project ‘rejection’ in a different light. Your mind responds to it in a positive manner; it takes a level of self-conviction to do that anyways. Rejection does not appear to be a targeted attack on your personality, or self-value but rather it is seen as a ‘means to do better’, or a ‘means to be better’, or even a ‘means to have the best’. Steve Maraboli once said, ‘‘Every time I thought I was being rejected for something good, I was actually being redirected to something better.’’ I know being rejected feels painful, but setting all sentiments aside… What can you really takeaway as a lesson from that supposedly bad experience? What could you have done, or not done to change that narrative? It could also be that you deserve better, and maybe—just maybe, you can get the best from somewhere else. These are enquiries that need sincere answers.

Have you been rejected severally for a specific desire? Do you see yourself as the only constant in a series of terrible rejection pattern? This only translates to the fact that you need to check yourself. There is an underlying problem you haven’t figured out yet, or maybe it’s a mindset defect. You’ll need to take a break, and seek for opportunities that’ll spur your growth.

Perhaps you find yourself treading the negative path of an immediate rejection, practise positive declaration. Speak God’s reality of ‘who you are’ into existence: This will help to redirect your thoughts. You can also seek the help of your mentor, or a professional who will call to your attention what you don’t seem to notice at that point in time.

To wrap this up, I found a better job for my place of primary assignment (PPA) after so many NO(s). You might be wondering which job could that be, right? After the rejection at UAC Foods PLC happened, I decided not to rely on the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) for my posting. I started applying to different industries, but i got tired. Yes! You heard right: it was tiring. Some of the industries that received my application said they don’t employ corpers. For some, they didn’t even bother to give me any feedback. While some were honest with me; They told me I had to know someone before I could be employed. I restrategized, so, I stopped applying to any establishment. Then my mum’s sister made some connection moves, and that was how I had an appointment with Mr. Ola Oresanya, the fmr. Managing Director (M.D) of LAWMA. Since i didn’t want to put all my eggs in one basket, I went to the Lagos State Ministry of Special duties to settle my PPA issue. Thereafter, I got the request letter to be posted to LASEPA. I forfeited the appointment with Mr. Ola Oresanya, gladly did the necessary documentation at the Local Government (L.G), and finally saw my posting letter to the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA). The monthly salary might not be too satisfying, but the places I have visited, the experiences I have gained, the connections I have made, and the benefits I have enjoyed are just top-notch. And I’m still a serving corper—there is still MORE.

Don’t let a rejection push you to an halt; Keep striving—It will make sense soon. Don’t stop believing in yourself😉.

Have you ever experienced rejection? How did it feel? How did you handle it? Was the struggle you confronted worth it in the long run? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.
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4 thoughts on “REJECTION: ‘‘How I got an appointment with the fmr. Managing Director of LAWMA after so many NO(s)’’.

  1. I think the best thing you can gifi yourself is to believe in yourself. This is what will keep you going. Once you are able to overcome every form of self-rejection, you won’t be so much bothered of what others think about you. This post will go a long way in restoring people’s confidence. You are doing a great job ma’am.

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