REJECTION: ‘‘How I got an appointment with the fmr. Managing Director of LAWMA after so many NO(s)’’.

My short rejection story goes thus📌

It’s the evening of a Saturday, and so, I logged into my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) portal page, as it’s been my culture for a week now. I was feeling slightly indifferent at that moment; I just hoped the Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) letter would have at least been uploaded. It took quite a while accessing the page, but alas! the letter was already there. I opened the PDF file with trembling hands, my breath seizing for a while, I saw UAC Foods. The relief I felt was out of this world, and I just couldn’t wait to be accepted as a serving corper—such a breakthrough.

I stepped out of my apartment on a Monday morning with great joy in my heart while at the same time hoping that the favour of God works for me as I journeyed to UAC Foods PLC. The following ensured on getting to UAC Foods PLC:
‘Good Morning Ma’’ I said to the receptionist, that i met at the waiting room, with a smile on my face.
‘‘Good Morning’’ She replied
‘‘How may I help you?’’
I explained the purpose to which I came, and I was told to wait for the Human Resource Manager.

On meeting the personal assistant (P.A) to the HRM, I was told the company was not in dire need of a corper in the Laboratory department of the company. I was dejected. I’m certain she felt my anguish, so, she suggested I take up an admin role. I agreed to her proposal, so, she took my PPA letter to the HRM for acceptance while I waited, and hoped it would click.

Unfortunately for me, the HRM wasn’t pleased with my course of study, instead she signed the rejection letter. In my mind i thought ‘‘Okay, this didn’t work out—We move.’’ I left the company frustrated, but the search for a place of primary assignment for the one-year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) continued.


It is absolutely normal to experience rejection. It’s safe to presume that there is no human, who has achieved greatness on earth, that has not been rejected—at some point in their life. Even Jesus Christ was not accepted as the messiah by everyone; He still faced some opposition.

Rejection can be experienced across different facets of life. It could come from a friend, family, or a love interest. It could occur in the business world: Banks are known to usually not give out loans to entrepreneurs, or imagine your business proposal being disapproved by potential sponsors. In my case, I was rejected by a potential employer.

Experiencing rejection in multiple forms can be very hurtful; The emotional pain runs deep especially those rejections that really hit hard. At some point, you begin to feel less confident about your self-worth, and esteem. The individual starts nurturing doubts. Eventually the undeserving feeling, of that which he/she desired to have but was rejected for, grows deeper. It’s like your supposedly ‘perfect world’ is turning upside down, and all you want to do is just give up everything. Anger is set on a replay motion; Everything irks you, and you can’t just give a reasonable reason to support your actions. The inevitable takes place in the long run—depression. The end could be fatal, if this negative progression is allowed to yield fruits.

As hurtful as rejection can be, there is a growth level you attain which tends to project ‘rejection’ in a different light. Your mind responds to it in a positive manner; it takes a level of self-conviction to do that anyways. Rejection does not appear to be a targeted attack on your personality, or self-value but rather it is seen as a ‘means to do better’, or a ‘means to be better’, or even a ‘means to have the best’. Steve Maraboli once said, ‘‘Every time I thought I was being rejected for something good, I was actually being redirected to something better.’’ I know being rejected feels painful, but setting all sentiments aside… What can you really takeaway as a lesson from that supposedly bad experience? What could you have done, or not done to change that narrative? It could also be that you deserve better, and maybe—just maybe, you can get the best from somewhere else. These are enquiries that need sincere answers.

Have you been rejected severally for a specific desire? Do you see yourself as the only constant in a series of terrible rejection pattern? This only translates to the fact that you need to check yourself. There is an underlying problem you haven’t figured out yet, or maybe it’s a mindset defect. You’ll need to take a break, and seek for opportunities that’ll spur your growth.

Perhaps you find yourself treading the negative path of an immediate rejection, practise positive declaration. Speak God’s reality of ‘who you are’ into existence: This will help to redirect your thoughts. You can also seek the help of your mentor, or a professional who will call to your attention what you don’t seem to notice at that point in time.

To wrap this up, I found a better job for my place of primary assignment (PPA) after so many NO(s). You might be wondering which job could that be, right? After the rejection at UAC Foods PLC happened, I decided not to rely on the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) for my posting. I started applying to different industries, but i got tired. Yes! You heard right: it was tiring. Some of the industries that received my application said they don’t employ corpers. For some, they didn’t even bother to give me any feedback. While some were honest with me; They told me I had to know someone before I could be employed. I restrategized, so, I stopped applying to any establishment. Then my mum’s sister made some connection moves, and that was how I had an appointment with Mr. Ola Oresanya, the fmr. Managing Director (M.D) of LAWMA. Since i didn’t want to put all my eggs in one basket, I went to the Lagos State Ministry of Special duties to settle my PPA issue. Thereafter, I got the request letter to be posted to LASEPA. I forfeited the appointment with Mr. Ola Oresanya, gladly did the necessary documentation at the Local Government (L.G), and finally saw my posting letter to the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA). The monthly salary might not be too satisfying, but the places I have visited, the experiences I have gained, the connections I have made, and the benefits I have enjoyed are just top-notch. And I’m still a serving corper—there is still MORE.

Don’t let a rejection push you to an halt; Keep striving—It will make sense soon. Don’t stop believing in yourself😉.

Have you ever experienced rejection? How did it feel? How did you handle it? Was the struggle you confronted worth it in the long run? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.
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God’s Love

It’s the yuletide season, and we know it’s a season marked for the celebration of the birth of Christ. It’s perfectly great to eat, and drink with friends, and family members, to have fun, and to cruise the whole city, but in all our merrymaking, let’s not forget the reason for the season.

This season is significant: It’s a reminder of the unparalleled, pure, and unconditional love that God has towards every human being on earth. This is evident in John 3:16-17, which says, ‘‘For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.’’ God overlooks all of our faults, mistakes, and inadequacies, and he always comes through for us: What manner of love is this!?

The titled poem— God’s Love demonstrates how a divine transformation took place in my life through God’s gift to mankind called SALVATION.


I wandered in amiss,
Hunting for what’s not so far-off,
My heart was yearning for the unknown,
Quite puzzling to unravel,
Exploring was my resort,
Yet my thirst wasn’t quenched,
Vulnerability became my ruin,
Eventually my shattered being turned hopeless,
Abruptly it happened, guess!?

God’s light illuminated my life,
The chains of sin were broken,
Behold a rebirth occurred instantly,
My steps were reordered,
Tears of sorrow vanished from my eyes,
The hatred in my heart was replaced with love,
My feeble being received strength,
Joy overflow became my lot,
God’s love for me is far beyond my own comprehension,
Now I know what I have been lacking.


The best way to make the most of this season is to spread God’s love, which we have freely received, abroad to living souls, even if it’s just one, or two individuals. You can show love by giving, no matter how little it may seem, what matters most is the intent behind it: You could give your time by visiting a distant friend, or family member, you could proffer some word of advice, or encouragement to a friend in dire need of your support, you could give what you no longer need to someone who might be in need of it, you could preach Christ to an unbeliever, or you could even do a cash giveaway.

There is so much you can do to touch a life; Love is really felt when we show it, and this will definitely mean so much to someone. You may never know, but you’d have ended up putting a smile on someone’s face.

P.S: The yuletide season shouldn’t be the only season that we decide to show love to people; We should be intentional in showing love to people everyday of our lives. The bottom line point is that we shouldn’t forget the essence of Christmas.💞

Merry Christmas, And I Wish Everyone A Prosperous New Year In Advance.🌹



The 23rd of November is a remarkable day because it’s my mother’s birthday. I know it’s impossible to select our mothers, but I’m glad that God allowed me to be conceived by you. You are my priceless treasure Mom, and I love you so much; Thank you for all you do for us (Your offsprings).

I wrote this poem to celebrate her, and many other priceless mothers on earth; You are all loved, and cherished. 🔽


I was cryptically conceived in your womb,
The pain of my inception was borne merrily,
My arrival invoked the gladness of your heart,
The contagious effect of such unspeakable joy,
Your soothing hands held me like a pearl.

My progressive growth was that irresistible force,
That captured the totality of your attention,
Neglecting not even a slight detail,
My tender being was nurtured by your love,
Mom’s protective garment is indeed rare.

The corrective rod wasn’t far and away,
Disciplines instilled accordingly made be better,
You molded me like a potter with godly principles,
You taught me from the wells of your knowledge,
The broadness of your experience challenges me,
You are my ideal role model.

The everyday sacrifices towards us get me awed,
How can you be so selfless Mom!?
Your enduring nature melts my heart,
That smile you give when you observe me now,
Only because you love my becoming.


I’ll keep waiting


Tick-tock! the time runs along,
As little drops of water springs into an ocean,
Each day gradually progresses into months,
Still with an inch of hope in my consciousness,
My soul lightens up at the thought of ‘one day.

Tick-tock! the time runs along,
I can’t smell this ‘one day’ around the corner,
I cry out loud for the heavens to sway,
To rain my miracles for I’m worn away,
To slake the desire of this burning heart.


Life is in seasons, and these seasons vary for each individual: Your clock of manifestation will run uniquely, and specifically to suit God’s purpose for your life.

I wrote this piece ‘‘WAITING’’ during one of my struggles; I was trusting God to fulfill his word in my life. As seen from this poem, it will be frustrating to divert all your thoughts from the Almightiness of God to the delay you’re currently experiencing. Worrying over your present circumstance does not turn the situation for good, rather, it only aggravates issues. But you know, this period can be strategically used to build your faith by dwelling on God’s word, and trusting him completely. Although the calmness, and joy you’re experiencing might seem insane to others because the ‘‘fact’’ that’s obvious to them does not yet tally with the ‘‘truth’’ which makes you confident, nevertheless, do not be dismayed by ‘‘opinions’’ that do not matter.

The book of Isaiah says, ‘‘So will the words that come out of my mouth not come back empty-handed. They’ll do the work I sent them to do, they’ll complete the assignment I gave them.’’ This is the assurance that we have in him; and this ofcourse should be our meditation. God never lies: What he says he will do, that will he do. All you have to do is to keep trusting him, as well as rebuking the devil that’ll seek to lure you into deviating from God’s will.

Don’t expect God to deliver your package exactly the way your heart desires. God is a creative father, and he is always in the business of flabbergasting his children. It is essential to know that God’s timing is always different from ours because he knows what’s best for us. Therefore, allow God to do what only he can do best—be patient!

Joyce Meyer said, ‘‘Patience is not simply the ability to wait—It’s how we behave while we’re waiting.’’ As you wait on God to work his wonders in your life, don’t grumble—don’t be like the Israelites. God will be pleased if you’ll decide to live a life of praise rendition; Always be grateful for the privileges you have enjoyed in Christ Jesus. Most importantly, God desires that we keep seeking him, hence don’t forsake the intimate relationship with God; Stay in obedience to him at all times. Keep pressing on in the place of prayers. Don’t be tired of presenting your requests before him—Persistence is key.

There is a purpose for everything, and a reason for every season: Find out what God is set to achieve in every season of your life, and be submissive to the process. It might take a long while, but you’ll surely come out better, and ready to handle what God is set to release unto you.

Don’t stop living, and keep being a co-creator. Use your gifts, as well as your abilities to improve the state of the world.

It is important to know that God might have already started working during the course of your waiting period even if it seems as though nothing is forthcoming yet. That’s why you need to trust him. He is the only master planner, and he sure executes perfectly.👌

To those who are still waiting on God for his promise to be fulfilled, I’m here to tell you that God is never late—He’s always right on time. If you’ll only keep the faith alive, the testimony in the book of Hebrews 6:25 which says, ‘‘Abraham stuck it out and got everything that had been promised to him’’ will as well be yours.

Remain steadfast❤



THE POEMTranquility

Imprinted offense is like the burning sun,
The scorching effect it proffers to its victims,
The raging soul exuding flames of bitter fervor,
Snuff out every bit of light to the grass roots,
Darkness consumes the core of the heart,
The aftermath doom is self enslavement.

As a butterfly breaks loose from its cocoon,
Expressing its freedom with such enthusiasm,
Forgiveness gives off that same fragrance,
Giving off the stench of bitterness,
The mind inhales the mint of peace,
Its skin is thickened for resistance,
Like a seal, it is impenetrable,
Of any sort of burning resentment,
The state of tranquility is a necessity.


‘‘Tranquility’’ is a short piece that analyses the battle which takes place in the mind as a result of an individual’s acceptance, and fostering of destructive tenants such as; hatred, bitterness, and resentments. Furthermore, It does not fail to give expression to the energy that emanates from a forgiving heart, how this energy depicts strength, and how this strength can spur an individual to resist these tenants in the hereafter.

The mind is powerful, but it can only function as intended when it is in the right state. When you feel offended by someone’s actions, and then decide to nurture hatred, it excites the mind from the peaceful state to the troubled state—all hell is let loose. Your brain is giving off the signal that, ‘‘You have a right to be angry, and it’s okay to retaliate.’’ This is true: You do have a right to be angry, but why keep all that energy locked in for quite a long time!? No amount of offense is worth sacrificing your peace of mind. The tragic truth is that the person you have issues with doesn’t even know you do, so, it’s like you are indirectly punishing yourself, and for what reason? Absolutely! Zero-reason. Carrie Fisher said, ‘‘Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.’’

Instead of holding grudges, consciously decide to forgive. Forgiveness is deciding to exhale the stench of anger, hatred, or bitterness while at the same time, inhaling the mint of peace. It is displacing those destructive tenants, as earlier mentioned, for the peace of ones mind. The best revenge for an imprinted offense is forgiveness. This should be done even though the offender decides not to apologize; It is not easy to let go, but it’s possible, and will be worthwhile.

The following conversation regarding forgiveness erupted between Peter and Jesus in a portion of the book of Matthew;
Peter: Master, how many times do I forgive a brother or sister who hurts me? Seven?
Jesus: Seven! Hardly. Try seventy times seven.
Jesus’ response shows that humans are liable to make mistakes because we are still in the process of growth, and so, forgiveness should be freely given. Choosing to forgive is a decision that has mental, physical, and spiritual benefits. No one is going to do it for you: Only you can do it.

Furthermore, if the offender is someone dear to your heart, make them understand that their actions are not exactly appropriate. Help them see the reasons why they should change their attitude, or behaviour. Hopefully, a realization of the mistake will occur, a decision to change is made, and the relationship can blossom—Both parties are happy. The world is already filled with battles, losing your peace over a resolvable issue is a waste of energy. It’s much better to help each other, than fight one another.

A quote from Steve Maraboli says, ‘‘Let today be the day you stop being haunted by the ghost of yesterday. Holding a grudge and harboring anger/resentment is poison to the soul. Get even with people, but not those who have hurt us, forget them, instead get even with those who have helped us.’’ Decide to deliberately relieve your soul of any weighing baggage today.
Don’t forget to do what!?



I watched a movie, although I can’t clearly recall the title; and so, my pen was moved to birth this short piece—THE BRUISED.

The pain of the forlorn yells out loud,
Can someone just beckon!?

Feelings of reclusion creeps in gradually,
The hurt grows by each passing moment,
Still a saviour doesn’t seem accessible.

The restraint to voice out is so intense,
The pain becomes a norm eventually,
A shadow of their own secret so they seem,
Not flexible to penetrate.


If you have ever been sexually abused, physically abused, emotionally abused, or you have been in a close relationship with someone who has gone through any form of abuse, you’d be able to logically, and emotionally connect with this poem. ‘‘The bruised’’ is a poem that relates the long-term, internal battles which occurs in the psychology of an abused person. Also, it explains some sort of progression which, if not stopped, could ultimately give rise to an enclosed lifestyle. The outcome of this progressive abuse is apparently unpalatable.

Abused individuals experience a great deal of anguish, but the pain is not evident for others to perceive because they try so hard to hide under a cloak. Often times, abused individuals become addicted to their abusers; yeah, this fact sounds strange, right?? This addiction becomes so intense: It reaches the degree of which they begin to make statements implying that, ‘‘the current state of their life is what God has designed for them to live through’’, so, they sentence themselves to a lifetime of suffering, pain, and hurt. You will be shocked to discover that some abused individuals rebel when help is offered to them because they have become stuck to their abusers— It is difficult for them to just leave. If eventually a separation occurs between the abuser and the abused, the recovery process usually takes a lot of time.

Actually, this piece is a wake-up call to every human to show love to fellow neighbours, friends, and families. Generally speaking, we all need someone to lean on at some point in our life. Let’s make a conscious effort to reach out to those who might be going through tough times, and proffer help to them within our best capacity. We need each other to survive in this present century—No one is an Island. If you notice anyone going through any form of abuse, shower them with love, and offer them the most important thing they need—help. This should be done with discretion, so as to avert avoidable problems. In oneness, we can create a healthy environment for all to thrive.



I can vividly recall the catalyst that made me to compose this poem. Then, i was strolling in the vicinity of my hostel at Ile-Ife, and a particular image just popped up in my mind. There was this flash of the current economy of Nigeria, as well as the dumbfounding occurrences in Nigeria; It just seemed like everything keeps getting worst with the passing of time. So, I thought, ‘‘What can be the solution to all of these issues!?’’ That’s a rhetorical question.😄

‘‘The Future’’ is a poem relating the current unpalatable stance of Nigeria, and the future we envision. The poem discourse how we—as citizens—can come together in unity and make this change happen. There is so much richness in every individual; you can’t afford to hoard those unique gifts and abilities. Your current platform might seem little at the moment, but I’ll encourage you to keep being faithful in what you do—It’s only a matter of time. Do what you can to make this country better; It starts with us. I hope you will be inspired to act through this piece—THE FUTURE.

As I saunter along the streets reflecting,
The suffering that deluges the society overwhelms me,
Depression has taken its toll,
The desperation of the people is evident,
Howbeit our leaders are calm,
Is the future indeed dim!?

Naira has started to depreciate,
Inflation is very much rampant,
Education comes with a price to pay,
Egocentrism is a common factor,
Honesty is seen as a scarce commodity,
Riots have now become the order of the day,
What more do we have to endure!?

The heart of the masses desire a change,
We hope for a nation of distinct moral excellence,
We wish for a country of unbroken completeness,
A land bound by the cord of love,
Striking an impenetrable state of strength,
That can never be shattered.

The journey of a thousand miles begins by a leap,
Our proactivity is needed in this game of change,
Age is not a crippling factor,
High status is a false qualification,
Richness is embedded in individuality,
Our values can flip the side of a coin,
Our impact can change the narrative,
Prosperity thrives in a united movement,
The future lies in our hands.



As a young girl that had a free mind, I was clueless about what I was supposed to do with my life. I had zero worries, zero responsibilities and zero problems. I took life as it came and made silly decisions because I was confused about where I was headed. I had terrible experiences that broke me, then I knew that—I couldn’t go on being a baby. The moment I saw the need to grow up, channels started unfolding in my life. My journey of self-discovery started right from the moment when I made the decision that I was going to pay attention to my personal development. I didn’t know the big picture, but I followed the little blueprints I could lay hold on. I began to discover a whole lot about ‘me’ that I didn’t even know existed. There was this great yearning: to know more, to be more and to do more. I started doing a lot of things that I never really paid much attention to: Self-reflection, Reading life-changing books, Studying the life journey of icons, and Self-evaluation. There was this great desire within my being to breakthrough barriers, to set the pace, and to achieve great feats in my academics. I started setting goals for myself and became accountable to them. All of the things i did from that moment onwards was targeted at spurring my growth rate onto a higher level. Although, the journey of self-discovery still persists; I’m definitely not where I used to be in the time past.

Personal development is an investment that will yield great returns in the future. It cuts across various aspect of our life: Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, and the Social aspect. There is this saying that goes, ‘‘You can’t give what you don’t have’’. As true as that statement is—What’s more important—is to see the need to ‘have’. Even the bible said it, ‘‘My people perish because of lack of knowledge’’. Some people don’t understand the need for personal growth because they don’t know that they need to grow. They have no time for personal reflection and examination; and so, they see no reason why some of their thoughts and beliefs needs to changed. They become so complacent and comfortable in their old skin that they have no reason to shed it off. It is a tragic situation when, ‘‘You don’t know something and you don’t know that—you don’t know’’. The first step in personal development is admitting that you need to grow. This will prepare your mind to be open to different techniques that will spur your growth level.

Personal development is very much effective when it is targeted towards a cause. What you will do to make a young germinated plant to mature is different from what you will do to nurture a newborn puppy; the common purpose is to enhance growth, although, the ingredients that will be needed to make that happen is varied. The bottom line is that —you should know what you are growing from and what you will be growing into—then channel the right techniques that will spur you to a higher level. This might take a long time to manifest, but it surely will, if you show deliberateness and consistency. It is a process whose end results will yield a gain greater than the pain of having to stay through to the process.

A farmer understands that it takes a range of 60 to 100 days for a maize plant to mature and it takes a range of 40 to 50 days for a tomato plant to begin to produce fruit; and so, the farmer keeps doing what he has to do until their due date is reached. The farmer avoids unnecessary pressure, even though the tomato plant has started producing fruits before the maize plant. Why?? Because the farmer knows it is not yet time for the maize crop to start producing fruits. What I’m trying to explain is that, ‘’Be committed to your own process and also, avoid unnecessary comparism.’’

Oprah Winfrey said, ‘‘Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.” Once the opportunities start lashing at you, you can confidently lash onto them. Your story wouldn’t be, ‘‘If I had known, I would have been prepared.’’ Do the digging, grooming and the pruning now, so, your future self can the thankful.

Work out!



I once lived in a fantasy world where everything was supposed to be handed over to me without any inch of stress, and so, when challenges occurred in the process of attaining a great feat, I just felt suppressed. I have been enlightened to understand that setbacks are bound to surface. The challenges we conquer to win that big dream is what makes our life Journey spiced up. Don’t ever let the fear of failing stop you from even trying. What you carry in your inside is greater than what you will ever face. God has equipped and empowered you to conquer the challenges that you might face in life.

I will be sharing a popular story: I’m certain we know the story of Thomas Edison, a great scientist, who invented the light bulb. Initially, people would think that it was an easy task for him, at least, no one would have thought that he failed 1,000 times. Edison displayed a great sense of resilience towards the obstacles to having that giant breakthrough. He experienced failure in the many attempts he made; but he didn’t stop pursuing his dream. He obviously displayed the growth mindset: His failed attempts gave him a better perspective of how the light bulb should be made. Most of his colleagues would have taken him for a fool; but, he wasn’t moved by what they thought—His conviction made him stay in the game. He was invited for an interview and the following dialogue went thus: The reporter asked, “How did you feel to fail 1000 times?” Thomas replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.” This story taught me that in the process of doing things that bring fulfillment to your being, the only constant factor that will be encountered when trying to breakthrough is a challenge. These challenges are surmountable, if and only if, you have a strong conviction about the big dream you are trying to achieve. Once the conviction is evident, even for all to perceive, challenges become stepping stones to reach your final destination.

John Mason once said, ‘‘The height of your accomplishments will equal the depth of your convictions.’’ Ask yourself these questions: Why am I trying to pull this through?? What value is placed on this big dream that i’m about to achieve?? How convinced am I about this big dream I’m trying to pull through?? The answers provided will help you understand if that dream is worth fighting to achieve. Have the mindset that says: ‘‘I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me’’ You should take great pleasure in doing what others say can’t be achieved. Dorothea Brand said, ‘‘All that is necessary to break the spell of inertia and frustration is this: act as if it were impossible to fail.’’ Just like David—Take down your giants.

Be what it takes to get to that destination. If you have to grow up, grow up! If you have to learn a skill, learn the skill! If you have to be informed, be informed! If you have to be courageous, be courageous! If you have to be bold, be bold! Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying that you should be someone else just to have a breakthrough. But what i’m definitely saying is that you should be the best version of yourself. No one understands your vision like you do. Therefore, nothing should be able to stop you from breaking through except YOU. In every journey, you always have two options: to either give up or to breakthrough. As always, the choice is yours: What’s it going to be??



It’s sad to know that when we encounter circumstances: whereby we don’t get what we presented as a request before God—we murmur. Sometimes, it hits so hard that some people just decide to stay away from God. Neither murmur nor let your faith dwindle; instead, rejoice in the lord (Philippians 4:4). There is this prayer principle i once encountered in Elizabeth George’s book that stroked a cord in the fiber of my being. The prayer principle says, ‘‘If God doesn’t meet it, you didn’t need it.’’ Your desire will not always be God’s will, so it’s expedient to know what the will of God says in every situation.

I’ll share my personal experience relating to God doing wonders in disguise. I’ll be going far back to when I was still a young girl. I just finished my primary school education and I had written my common entrance examination. I applied to one of the best federal government schools in Lagos for my secondary school education. I was an intelligent Child with a high level of diligence, so gaining admission on merit wouldn’t be a big deal for me—I thought. Alas! I discovered that admission into such kind of schools wasn’t based solely on merit. My parents gratefully had connections with a member of staff of the federal government school but guess what!? My admission didn’t click. We tried all we could but nothing happened. It was devastating because it was my dream school. I had no choice than to move on; hence, I applied to a standard private secondary school—and I was admitted. I successfully completed my secondary school by passing the required internal and external examinations excellently. It was not up to a week since I checked my WAEC result that I discovered that the WAEC result of that same federal secondary school that I was longing to attend then, was seized due to examination malpractices. It was terrifying because the progress of scholars in that federal secondary school would be on a hold. The reality of what God did for me years back—hit me. I learnt a vital lesson and it has never left me since then. The book of Romans says, ‘‘And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.’’ As long as you have done your part, be confident that God will do his.

He’ll never let you down; although, the package might come in a different form, if your own form doesn’t suit you. Sometimes, it seems as though God is silent but he is ever present. It seems as though nothing is changing but know that—everything has changed. The book of I Thessalonians 5:18 says ‘‘ In everything, give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.’’ Be grateful for the seemingly good and bad times. Know what God is saying concerning every circumstance because he might just be preparing/building you for something greater. Stay thankful!


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